Gast and JUN-AIR brand quality systems are among the best in the business and are based on a philosophy of continuous improvement. We focus on customer needs, empower our employees, and optimize our processes to that end.

We work continually to find and implement quality, efficiency, and productivity gains in every area of our business:

    •     Lean operations to promote efficient work and product flows
    •     Six Sigma business management processes used to drive out variation through fact-based product design and problem solving
    •     Process ownership so everyone in the company can focus on critical areas for improvement

Our meticulous quality processes were a critical factor in achieving ISO 9001 certification, the most stringent of the three ISO quality standards. This international badge of world-class excellence means that we are a member of an elite group made up of fewer than 5% of the manufacturing companies in the world to receive that certification.


Given our international presence, Gast is committed to environmentally friendly business practices, including conforming with European Community Directives. These directives contain essential requirements concerning health, safety, environmental, and consumer protection for all products targeted to the European Community market. Currently, all products available for sale in the European Community are in compliance with the Machinery, Low Voltage and Electromagnetic Compatibility directives. Additional focus areas include RoHS, WEEE, and other environmental regulation compliancy.

Our commitment to quality is reflected not only in our ISO 9001 certification, but also in our product certifications. Our in-house regulatory lab tests for UL, CSA, and CE compliance, as well as various other market specific compliancy such as UL60601 devices for the medical industry.

To learn more about Gast and JUN-AIR quality systems download the following document:

  Gast and JUN-AIR Quality Policy