MVP rotary vane air motors make Gast dependability available to manufacturers creating the next generation of rotating equipment. Rely on MVP’s modular air motor technology to make your innovative engineered products lighter, quieter, more efficient, and easier to manufacture and service.

Variable Speed & Power Output

Precisely control speed and power output by simply throttling inlet air pressure or restricting exhaust air. This is a cost effective way over electric motor speed controls.


Machined to the highest tolerances, MVP air motors generate more power while consuming less energy. This also gives MVP improved power density, providing more torque output in a lighter weight air motor.


MVP’s modular design makes it easy to maintain MVP air motors. Simply remove the back plate of any MVP air motor to swap out the internal cartridge.

Universal Vanes

MVP air motors use a proprietary engineered vane material rated for operation with or without lubrication so operating conditions for the same motor can be varied.

ATEX approved and Non-Electrical Sparking ATEX approved & Non-Electrical Sparking

Most MVP models meet the requirements of ATEX Directive 2014-34- EU and applicable standards: EN80079-36, EN 80079-37, IEC 60079-0. MVP air motors can be used in ambient temperatures up to 250°F (120°C) in non-hazardous atmospheres.




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